Terms & Conditions

These are the minimum terms and conditions set by the Govt. of Pakistan.

  1. Period of contract minimum one year.
  2. Probation period 90 days as per the labor laws of the country.
  3. Daily working hours 8 per day, maximum 12 hours per day with additional 4 hours paid as overtime.
  4. Weekly working 6 days per week, paid holiday.
  5. Weekly rest at least 1 day per week.
  6. Rate of overtime as per labor laws of host country of minimum 1.50 times of basic salary per hour.
  7. Accommodation free of cost bachelor accommodation (not tents) must be provided by employer with electricity, water, gas and bedding.
  8. Messing facilities free food or 25% of basic pay be paid in lieu of free food for unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers. This provision of free food is not applicable to U.A.E and Bahrain.
  9. Medical facilities free to be provided by the employer 
  10. Transportation free transport is to be provided by the employer form residence to work place.
  11. Passage economy class by air from place of hire to place of employment and back on expiry of contract. It is to be provided by the employer, if not included in the salary, which should be in addition to the minimum wages laid down.
  12. Vacation leave per year as per labor laws of the most host country.
  13. Illness leave per year as per labor laws of the host country.
  14. Social security/ insurance employment to be covered at the cost of the employer according to the labor laws.


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