Recruitment Procedure

​Recruitment in Pakistan must be carried out through a firm, holing valid OEP license. Our License No. MPD/3548/LHR Kabi International Overseas Employment Services required following documents for recruitment of manpower to process the cases. The procedure of favor as follows:


Following this, we advertise nationwide using press media, electronic media and internet. For this purpose,we have appointed M/s Companion Advertising & Marketing.

Interviews & Tests : 

We short list the applicants and issue calls for interviews and trade tests. We carryout trade tests at our own trade test centers which are fully equipped with latest machinery and the relevant accessories. If our Principals desire we include them or their representatives in the interview panel. The trade tests are conducted under the invigilation of technical expertise. 

Selection of employee: 

Prospective employees are selected meticulously, based on the following criteria : 

a) Capability 
b) Competency 
c) Knowledge 
d) Experience 

For our professional employees, selection is done by a staff of highly qualified consultants and advisors who have many years of experience in their particular fields behind them. In all instances, selected employees will have the prerequisites as stipulated by the prospective Employer. 

Medical test: 

Changing climate and geographical conditions around the world demand for constant health vigilance. We carryout strict medical checkup at laboratories, hospitals and medical centers approved by the concerned country. After clearance, inoculation is carried out. These preventive measures ensure maximum health and safety assurance by our manpower company. 

Visa Stamping: 

We are entirely responsible for the Visa stamping process till the collection of the passport from the Embassy. This is one of the many fool-proof steps aimed at restricting any type of mishap of fake documentation. 

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